Studio VUES is a design- and technology company. We develop concepts – and services for people, that solve business-critical problems. Our aim is to prove your potential.

Ida Ekroll Johansen


Senior Designer

Studio VUES is brand spanking new! At the same time we are very experienced. With an average of 12 years experience each, we cover the full breadth of design & technology competencies. At Studio VUES we love solving complex issues. Seeking market opportunities that result in value for business & people, whilst remaining considerate of the impact those solutions may have on the world around us.

We call this approach - looking for the beautiful spot.

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Think big. Start small.

Studio VUES combines design & technology with its business thinking. As a part of the Devoteam global network we leverage expertise in areas of- business development, process & change management. Combined with our core competencies of business, design and technology we develop concepts of value. Studio VUES is a full service creative studio in concept and service development.

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Creating a platform to efficiently fund charities around the world.

OPX works to enable and facilitate large-scale philanthropy; the act of generously donating money to projects with the purpose of eliminating social problems.

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The pharmacy of the future is digital

We partnered up with Komplett Pharmacy to reposition their digital service with a complete rebranding.

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Nye Veier

Innovation partnership in the new trafficsafe highways

Nye Veier is a state owned company, responsible for developing smart and safe road infrastructures. Studio VUES together with Devoteam supported Nye Veier discover insights on how to create more positive experiences for road users.

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Design for humans: Improving post cancer treatment aftercare

Design for humans improving post cancer treatment aftercare

Partnering with the Norwegian state health department - Helsedirektoratet to research and design better people experiences for post treatment patients returning home.

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