Innovation on the road

How we helped Nye Veier identify opportunities towards a more human-centered road development process

When Nye Veier started a new phase in the construction of E6 in Norway, we partnered up to find insights on how to create more positive experiences for road users.

A human touch

To gain a common understanding on how different people and stakeholders sense road development, we conducted in-depth interviews with drivers, local businesses, politicians, and contractors. The goal was to identify their challenges and needs when surrounded by different activities, such as road planning, construction, operations, or maintenance.

Mind the gap

The biggest challenge for road users is the lack of updated information about changes in their travel route, causing residents to feel insecure when driving. Meanwhile, road contractors perceived themselves as communicating enough to residents and drivers about traffic disruptions.

“How might we bridge the communication gap between road users and contractors to increase safety, save time on travel, and reduce pollution?”

In collaboration with Nye Veier, we developed a service concept that gives road users real-time information for their daily routes, combining traffic and weather data, directly from the construction site.

The proposed concept aims to bridge the gap between constructors and drivers, by providing construction sites an easy platform to communicate statuses with road users. While drivers are served with useful information in multiple communication channels, so they can plan their travels in advance, with suggested alternative routes.

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