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How we helped an ambitious foundation develop a concept prototype of the world’s first capital market dedicated to philanthropy.

With the aim of professionalising fund raising for aid organisations on a global scale, Oslo Philanthropic Exchange (OPX) are developing a platform connecting non-governmental organisations (NGO) with the global financial community. Studio VUES worked with OPX to gather insights about the different user groups’ needs, and design a concept prototype of the platform.

One aspect of the donation process we wanted to simplify was the comparison of different charities and specific projects’ performance before making a substantial donation. By creating a visual language that resembles that of the systems used in the finance industry, we designed components that present relevant data in a way that makes it easier for donors to quickly get the overview they need.

By working to improve the process of funding aid on a global scale, the platform in itself contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of strengthening the means of implementation and revitalising the global partnership for sustainable development. These all-important goals were also integrated into the service in the form of functionality that enables the user to filter organisations and projects based on SDGs that align with their own focus.

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