We believe in clear expectations.

Givers gain.

We want to work with people who dare to challenge, dare to care for their colleagues, dare to take responsibility for their clients - those who dare to give without expectations.

As part of the global Manyone network, we share and gain from an extensive pool of knowledge and skills. Over the next years Manyone Oslo will grow into an environment of 50 skilled designers.

Safe space.

At Manyone Oslo you will meet people who care. We co-create our own working environment, and strive for a culture where we cheer for each other. You will know what we expect from you, and why you are important.

Transparency and balance.

We believe transparent employment terms and work-life balance are important measures to unleash the potential in our people. That´s why we have:

  • Transparent salary levels
  • 7 weeks holiday
  • 7 % pension points
  • 7 hours personal development
  • 7 days educational training
  • 7 hours volunteer work

Join us

Are you Captain Service Design, Skipper UX or maybe Cadet Brand?

You will find open positions listed with our recruiting partner Nye & Kloke hoder.

Didn´t find any? We are always interested in getting to know talented people. Just like love can happen when you least expect it, so can the perfect match. Do you feel like we could be your new partner in crime?

Let's have a chat! Reach out to michelle.cole@manyone.com

Contact info

Jon Haukaas
jon.haukaas@manyone.com+47 930 82 950

Michelle Cole
michelle.cole@manyone.com+47 908 58 975

Tollbugata 24
0157 Oslo

Studio VUES has become Manyone OSL

For 2 years Studio VUES has solved strategic problems using design and technology, creating value for people, business and the world around us.

We are humble and proud to say that Studio VUES has joined Manyone to continue our journey on a larger scale. Manyone is the global strategy-design hybrid. A new breed that combines the best in creative thinking, strategy, and technology. Together, we'll be shaping everything that's next – a better future for people, business and planet.