We believe in belongingness.

We enable magic.

Magic happens when we find the beautiful spot!

That idea, service, opportunity, concept that delivers the unique value for business through meeting a human need.

We ask, where is the beauty in this?

As a constant reminder to ourselves and to work we are doing. It fuels our mission to solve problems and find concepts that deliver value.

International muscle!

As part of a global network with French roots, we share with and gain from an extensive pool of knowledge, skills and scalability potential.

You give of yourself.

In the next 4 years Studio VUES will grow into an environment of 50 skilled designers and technologists.

We want to share the daily work with those who dare to challenge, dare to care for colleagues, dare to take responsibility for customers - those that dare to give without expectations.

You have the guts and weight to create your own working environment, and to contribute to a culture where we cheer for each other.

Expect to be important.

At Studio VUES you will meet people who care. You will know what we expect from you, and why you are important.

Expect clarity.

Expect to belong.

7 good reasons.

We think big while we start small. Unleashing the potential in our people requires the right conditions. Actions always speak louder than words.

Thats why we simply call some of our employment terms - Our 7 summits.

  • 7 weeks holiday
  • 7% pension points
  • 7 hours personal development
  • 7 days educational training
  • 7 hours volunteer work
  • 7 team members
  • 7 teams

Open positions

Currently there is no open positions.

Contact info

Elizabeth Matre-Aas
918 25 639

Michelle Cole
908 58 975

Tollbugata 24
0157 Oslo

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