A consultancy designed for tomorrow.

Think big.
Start small.

Disruption, transformation and fast change have become normal words in our daily language. We don´t know what the future will look like, yet we choose to meet it with open minds and hearts. Our belief in people first and a shared set of values drive our culture, and how we work as a consultancy designed for tomorrow.


In Manyone Oslo we are passionate about building a business that is good for our people, our clients, and the bottom line. The teams are built to support the people that work in them as well as those that work with them. We believe in diversity, and by embracing all perspectives we enable our teams to help our clients reach their full potential. We share a common principal in our approach to work -Givers Gain.

Our aim

Our aim is to take our clients further, to help them discover what they need, and to establish long term partnerships of trust. We want to empower and help shape businesses to foster adaptability, improve ways of working and ensure successful transformation. In other words, to future-proof businesses.

Shared ambition

This fall, we are fresh in the world as new members of the Manyone crew, a global strategy-design hybrid. Like us, Manyone believes that a better future can be created through design. Our shared ambition to create solutions for people, clients and the planet makes it a perfect match, and we are excited to join forces to deliver value not only in Norway, but globally.

Contact info

Jon Haukaas
jon.haukaas@manyone.com+47 930 82 950

Michelle Cole
michelle.cole@manyone.com+47 908 58 975

Tollbugata 24
0157 Oslo

Studio VUES has become Manyone OSL

For 2 years Studio VUES has solved strategic problems using design and technology, creating value for people, business and the world around us.

We are humble and proud to say that Studio VUES has joined Manyone to continue our journey on a larger scale. Manyone is the global strategy-design hybrid. A new breed that combines the best in creative thinking, strategy, and technology. Together, we'll be shaping everything that's next – a better future for people, business and planet.