Disruption, transformation & speed of change have become normalised words in our daily language. The future isn’t clear yet WE choose to meet it with open minds and hearts. Our belief in people first and a shared set of values drives our culture.

Elizabeth Matre-Aas. Co-Founder & Managing Director

Design with a VUES.

Michelle Cole. Co-Founder & Operation Director

We want to walk the talk!

We are passionate about building a business that is good for our people, clients and the bottom line. That is why we have a coaching-based leadership model, where the teams drives the business and we support from underneath.

Our team-model reflects the autonomy and independence we want to nourish in our culture, where the teams are built to support the people that work in them as well as those that work with them. Our teams have the autonomy and independence to drive themselves. As a part of the team it`s a great comfort to not be the only one to know a client well. As we all know, unforeseen events can occur in our lives, knowing other members of a team are able to step in to cover is valuable for our employees and our clients success. Being realistic and caring about our lives is of importance to us and building the organisation with this in mind makes sense.

Having a warm heart is not a contradiction to a cool head.

We share a common principal in our approach to the way we work. We call it -Givers Gain.
Our aim is to take our clients further, to propose what they need, to establish longer term relationships of trust and partnership. To be a wingman for a client means understanding where they want or need to go and demonstrating that in the work we do. In giving without being asked, we pro actively support our clients on their journey.

Our Values

Freedom with responsibility

We believe in having clear expectations of each other and a strong integrity in everything we do.

What does this mean?

  • Our Employees: We know what we expect from you, you know what to expect from us
  • Our Clients: We know what we expect from you, you know what to expect from us

Givers gain

We lead with love and believe that givers gain.

What does this mean?

  • Our Employees: You give, without expecting anything back, and you know it will pay off in the long run. Everyone is as important.
  • Our Clients: You are important to us, we will strive to always bring you value.


We believe in the value of diversity in the environment of belongingness. We value different perspectives in our colleagues, clients, projects and society. We learn from seeing things from different perspectives.

What does this mean?

  • Our Employees: In a safe and relaxed environment, you will give your point of view.
  • Our Clients: You will feel like you’re a part of our community.
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Michelle Cole
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